the “Principal’s Coach”

Educational Coaches/Consultants for Future Leadership and Coaching

Real leadership is about making others shine.

Real leadership is about leading from the middle and not the top.

Assist administrative leaders in using their strengths to make positive improvements.

We are unique in that we listen to your specific challenges and work with you to build your internal capacity.

We look through your eyes to see how school improvement can occur.

We personalize to hear your concerns and work with you to improve communication and cooperation within your system.

We serve principals committed to school improvement through communication and collaboration.

“The Fragmented Pieces” will come together as your “Stained Glass Window” reshapes itself.

Our goal:  For you to be more successful administrators working toward the improvement of your team.

  • As educators, we offer a realistic perspective through your self-reflection.
  • We take the time to see and hear you first.
  • We propose alternatives for the team through your identified needs with an individualized plan.
  •  We mentor administrators to address organizational areas of concern and suggest progress through a new set of eyes creating a new window picture.
  • We support you in seeing the “broken pieces of glass” to create a new picture through your action plan.  

green yellow brown and blue stained glass

A new “picture in the window” comes from putting the fragmented organizational “pieces together”.

A clear “Stained Glass Window” creates change and improvement

We offer to principals the opportunity to have someone listen to you and your strengths.

We offer you options for using the talent on your team to engage with creative ideas.

Our focus is on supporting leaders becoming a more successful Change Agent in education.

Remember Joseph Campbell’s wisdom:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.  Own the fear, find the cave and write a new ending for yourself, for the people you are meant to serve and support, and for your culture.  Choose courage over comfort.  Choose whole heart over armor.  Choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid… both at the same time. Dare to Lead. 

                                                       -YouTube Broadcast

A Principal’s 3 Question Need Assessment

Help us gather information on exactly what is of the greatest concern for you as a principal right now.  Our goal is to be there to listen to your concerns about today’s problems.  We are a new genre of help for principals that is not therapy and is not consulting but COACHING you to be the best leader possible.  We listen and assist you in the way you need guidance.

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