the Principal’s “Stained Glass Window”

“Instead of focusing on :

what students can’t do,

what teachers won’t do, and

what administrators didn’t do,

let’s focus on what we can accomplish together.

                                                                                                             Lisa Westman


Our goal is to support the creation of a “stained glass window” from

the fragmented pieces of everyday administrative issues.


green yellow brown and blue stained glass
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

Professional educators that care about the leadership success of principals.

We help by providing individualized guidance through consulting and coaching individually or as a group and creating a unique workable action plan.

The 21st-century system and administrator requires specific skills with specific principal leadership styles to increase effectiveness and create a more “beautiful window.”

We offer specific methods to meet the needs of principals as they deal with communication and cooperation between people to build a more cohesive internal capacity.

Education is challenging at times for administrators and skills to influence teachers and students on a daily basis often becomes unclear with your stresses and demands.

As former educators, we offer ideas for principals on communication and cooperation by working with leaders listening to concerns and needs to answer your unique challenges.

Improvement starts with the principal that understands the system issues and is able to address them through collaboration.

Teachers long for good leadership to guide their journey in student learning and principals are the ANCHOR to guide for them.

Specialization in ways to take the pieces to a beautiful new view from your “beautiful window.”

To quote Arne Duncan

“There are no good schools without good principals.  It just doesn’t exist.

And where you have good principals, good teachers come, and they stay, where they work hard, and they grow.”