the PRINCIPAL’s COACH is a result of listening to frustrated administrators that give their time addressing other’s needs. We help you more effectively use your strengths to be a stronger leader.

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As former administrators and educators, we understand the need for administrators to be heard to increase the effectiveness of their schools through a personalized plan.

We listen and offer to coach and to mentor to increase communication, cooperation and influence with the latest in leadership styles.  Think of alternative and think of new ways to do things.  Consider playing with new ideas and new contexts to increase the effectiveness of your leaders.

Our approach is to coach and mentor you in seeing the fragmented pieces not fitting together to create your perfect

                                                 STAINED GLASS WINDOW

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We are here to listen and support you on your road to school improvement.

Your “Stained Glass Window” is your perfect face to the community.



Coaching and Mentoring Leadership


Dr. Peggy Johnson, Director

Dr. Carolyn Hunt

Dr. Tonya Manderville-Blake

Dr. Elmay Hatcher

Izzy Sabrina, Educational Consultant and Reading Expert